Redox is pleased to introduce TasteNrichTM  as an innovative culinary solution which enables you to boost authentic flavours by delivering richness and fullness to savoury foods. 

A new standard of ‘naturalness’ has emerged where consumers want to know exactly what ingredients are in their food and where they come from, while also expecting the ultimate taste experience. TasteNrich™ is an innovative culinary solution derived from all natural sources and advanced fermentation technology which achieves natural and clean labelling that developers and consumers can trust along with great taste.

As a natural umami building block, it can be used to boost basic taste perceptions and offers versatile flavour enhancement in a wide range of culinary applications such as soups, sauces, seasoning blends, meat products and more. It enables easy-to-create healthy foods with intensified salt perception, despite its intrinsically low sodium levels.

The benefits of TasteNrich™ include:

  • Clean label – no additives or E-numbers
  • All worry-free – GMO free, allergen free, animal free and 100% vegan
  • Cost effective – strong taste impact with a lower dosage
  • Low salt – low salt content ≤ 2%, yet with strong enhancement of saltiness
  • Sustainability – natural process and no adverse effect on the environment

CJ Bio are pioneers in the natural fermentation production process, with world class bio-technological capabilities in combining natural ingredients. As a socially responsible company, CJ Bio strives toward practising carbon-neutral manufacturing operations by utilising renewable raw materials and developing value-added co-products to minimise waste into the environment.

Upgrade your product value and boost authentic flavours with a hint of TastNrichTM, the latest natural culinary flavour boosters.

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