The increase in end-user industries, demand for high quality biocides and the availability of different grades are driving the growth of the global peracetic acid market which is projected to reach $989.2 million USD by 2023. Redox is the exclusive distributor for Evonik’s peracetic acid, PERACLEAN®, to a diversified Australian market.

Peracetic acid is an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and water that is available in various grades. Major uses of these products are disinfection, bleaching and chemical synthesis. Concentrations up to 15 percent are used as sanitizers, disinfectants and sterilants in the food and beverage industry, for water treatment, in laundries, medical applications and for animal health care.

Evonik is an innovative supplier of high quality peracetic acid, offering more than a century of worldwide experience in active oxygen chemicals. Depending on the requirements of the particular application, Evonik offers various Peracetic acid grades under the brand PERACLEAN®.

Redox distributes Evonik’s PERACLEAN® products across many industries in Australia. We aim to source the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices, which ensure our clients products are amongst the best performers in the world. We have a team of technical experts who are available to provide support for your disinfectant needs.

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