Distributed by Redox across Australia and New Zealand, KY HUMIL NPK is a fully water soluble humate compound biostimulant that helps to enhance soil conditions and plant growth for a variety of crop types.

KY HUMIL NPK is rich in highly active organic biostimulants such as small molecule humate fulvate, seaweed extract, plant based amino acids and more. It contains food grade macro elements which are easily absorbed, and trace elements that specifically target the needs of a variety of crops, such as oil crops, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers, within horticulture, open fields and nursery crops.

Suitable for both foliar and drip irrigation system applications, KY HUMIL NPK is available in four main formulas that provide solutions given their specific requirements; high in nitrogen, high in phosphorus, high in potassium and balanced. The functions and benefits of KY HUMIL NPK include:

  • Aids in strengthening the biological activity of crops, nutrition balance, active plant enzyme system, and helps to improve the crops stress and disease resistance ability.
  • Assists in the improvement of soil structure and the fertility of the soil.
  • Helps improve yield and quality of crops, including colour and shelf time.
  • Supports in strengthening the absorption and operation of plant nutrients.

Kangyuan is a global leader in fertilisers and biostimulants with a reputation for high quality products and a dedication to innovation. They aim to provide an all-inclusive range of products that can be used to optimise crop growth and performance.

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