Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for the human body, playing a vital role in metabolism, growth and overall health.  Redox is partnering with JKP Nutrition to supply custom vitamin and mineral premixes to the Australian and New Zealand markets, ensuring products are tailored to specific health needs.

Custom premixes including fat and water soluble options, provide the freedom to develop highly personalised products efficiently and more cost effectively, while also ensuring products have the best impact for their specific health need. Premixes are available in a variety of blends of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutraceuticals, prebiotics, fibres and more.

Due to the variety of blends, custom vitamin and mineral premixes are used as a significant ingredient for health promotion in a variety of food and beverage applications including infant formula, health foods, functional and sport beverages, bakery ingredients and cereal products. With the ability to help differentiate your product and streamline your production process, new opportunities and niche markets are more readily explored.

With manufacturing process focused on providing the highest quality and health promoting ingredients, all blends are produced under ISO9001, ISO22000 HACC, HALAL, KOSHER, FSSC22000, ISO14001 certificates and GMP management. Along with a NATA registered laboratory, quality is assured with Intertech testing providing the confidence desired by industry leaders.

JKP Nutrition is a professional supplier of custom nutrient premixes for infant formula, nutrient supplements, beverages and functional products for special medical purposes.

To learn more about the range of premix vitamins and minerals available and how they can transform your product, contact one of our industry experts.

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