The use of fertilisers date back to the Neolithic man, however the first chemically processed fertiliser, superphosphate, occurred during the early 19th century, by treating bones with sulfuric acid. Today fertilising has become a complex discipline of balancing different nutrients and developing programs. Redox adds value to farmers through our Agronomists who specialise in fertiliser programs in order to generate the optimum yield.

Fertiliser programs play a vital role in the performance of a crop, they can be used to maximise production while also minimising waste and costs. Our Agronomists consider various factors when developing a program, including environmental, sustainability, production goals and demands of the consumer market. Each crop requires has different needs and as such each program is tailored to the individual situation.

Our Agronomists are aware of the nutritional requirements of different crops and as such can make an educated judgement, based on experience, for your specific needs. The hidden hunger of plants can be identified through accurate soil and leaf analysis, which identifies problems before physical symptoms appear.

Several issues need to be considered when developing a fertiliser program, including the:

  • Specific crop to be grown, including the variety or cultivar that is selected.
  • Yield potential of the crop based on standards and experiences.
  • Anticipated nutrient removal, uptake patterns and balance issues specific to the crop.
  • Soil type, generally with characteristic to the local area which influence performance.
  • Regional climate characteristics, including the average rainfall, and the irrigation available.

Some crops require their nutrients to be built-up, while others are monitored to ensure deficiencies don’t arise over time. Also the correction of one nutrient may lead to the deficiency in another. For these reasons, it is best to develop a program that addresses the most significant deficiencies first, followed by smaller adjustments throughout the crops cycle.

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