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Redox's Lubricants & Grease team scour the world for the best additives, building a growing portfolio of products imparting specific attributes allowing for reduced wear, high performance and efficiency.

Delivering superior lubrication requires leading product technology, an efficient supply chain and expert technical support. Redox brings together all of these with more than 50 years of proven industry expertise, to create custom-made solutions for clients that meet demanding industry and regulatory standards.

Redox’s additives find use in automotive and industrial lubricants, hydraulic fluids, fuels and refinery processing.


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Product CAS Number(s)
Palmester 3970 11138-60-6
Product CAS Number(s)
Diethanolamine 111-42-2
Monoethanolamine 75-04-7
Triethanolamine 102-71-6
Product CAS Number(s)
High Flash Kerosene 64741-44-2
Kerosene 8008-20-6
Solvent 150 64742-94-5
Solvent D130 64742-46-7
Solvent D60 64742-47-8
Solvent D80 64742-47-8
White Spirits 64742-82-1
Product CAS Number(s)
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 68937-41-7
Petroleum Jelly 8003-03-8
White Oil 8042-47-5


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