As an importer and distributor of chemicals, ingredients and raw materials, Redox is committed to ensuring that the community has access to information regarding the nature of our work and the products we store on premises.

Redox regards the community including any person wishing to become informed of our activities, but primarily those persons having a direct interest, such as neighbours of our facilities or residents along transport corridors.



Redox is committed to the safety, welfare and health of all of its employees, contractors and community. With a long and proud history of safety performance, Redox provides quality raw materials whilst protecting the communities and the environment in which we are operating.

One of our core principles is Health and Safety, and we operate to the highest standards in the industry, promoting a safe environment to protect our employees and communities. We provide the tool necessary to educate our personnel on safety in order to effectively maintain their wellbeing and that of their co-workers.

Redox recognises corrective actions by employees and positive safety choices while at work and strives to maintain an incident-free workplace at all times.



The second half of 2016 will see Redox expand our strong commitment to practical environmental initiatives with plans for three more of Redox’s sites to be fitted out with photovoltaic solar panels, after the initial construction in Sydney in 2015.

Including Sydney, the addition of solar panels to our Adelaide site and two Melbourne locations take total generation capacity to 3,200kW hours per day. The electricity generated will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,280,000 kg per annum, the equivalent of 280 passenger cars or 5,380 computers.

Redox is committed to the responsible handling and processing of raw materials at all times.

The Minto operations have been assessed for Overall Environmental Risk by the NSW EPA and have been given the lowest risk level of 1.

Redox have also had their Environmental Management rated at Category A which resulted in a 5% reduction in licensing fees. These are very positive outcomes supporting the commitment Redox make with their operations.


Complaints & Enquiries

For community, safety and environmental complaints, please contact us by any of the following methods:

Community, Safety & Environmental Officer
Redox Pty Ltd
Locked Bag No. 15
Minto NSW 2566
Telephone (Toll Free, Within Australia)
1800 056 440
Telephone (Outside Australia)
+61 2 9733 3000
+61 2 9733 3111

Or use the contact form below: